Brahma: The Duke Physics Department's Beowulf Compute Cluster

This is the official home page for the Duke University Physics Department's Brahma Beowulf Project. Please feel free to explore this website. There are a number of things on the site itself that may be of use or interest to individuals interested in beowulf-style cluster computing.

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The old brahma site is preserved in its entirety here, in case there is some resource there that you were looking for that has for any reason not been moved. This old site will probably go away eventually.

There is an experimental new cluster statistics link for the various group clusters that make up brahma. This web view of an entire cluster's statistics is generated on each node by xmlsysd, converted into an easy-to-parse XML encapsulation and sent to the wulflogger client. webwulf, a perl-based application so new that it isn't even yet available under this link (sorry) is then turns it into an html table, which in turn is wrapped up and presented in various views that automatically refresh themselves every few seconds. These views echo the ones presented by wulflogger itself and wulfstat, a tty/ncurses xmlsysd monitoring client. Finally, both wulfstat and wulflogger are built on top of

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This page is maintained by Robert G. Brown: