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This is the official home page for the Duke University Physics Department's Brahma Beowulf Project. Please feel free to explore this website. There are a number of things on the site itself that may be of use or interest to individuals interested in beowulf-style cluster computing.

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Brahma Users

The following table cross-references the primary users of one or more of the brahma clusters. It provides a link to their personal home page in the department (if one exists) or else the department managed home page for the individual, and indicates the research cluster(s) they are primarily affiliated with or own.

Name Cluster(s) Web Page
Steffen Bass champ Home Page
Shailesh Chandrasekharan champ Home Page
Costas Strouthos champ,brahma (none)
D. J. Cecile champ,brahma Home Page
Berndt Mueller champ Home Page
Harold Baranger nano Home Page
Denis Ullmo nano Home Page
Eduardo Mucciolo nano (none)
San-Huang Ke nano (none)
Martina Hentschel nano Home Page
Amit Ghosal nano (none)
Anand Priyardarshee nano (none)
Hong Jiang nano (none)
Serguei Vorojtsov nano Home Page
Ribhu Kaul nano (none)
James Darsie nano (none)
Mike Miller nano (none)
Ribhu Kaul nano (none)
Robert G. Brown rama,ganesh,brahma Home Page
Home Clusters Research Users Duke University Physics Department

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