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This is the official home page for the Duke University Physics Department's Brahma Beowulf Project. Please feel free to explore this website. There are a number of things on the site itself that may be of use or interest to individuals interested in beowulf-style cluster computing.

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Robert G. Brown
Duke University Physics Department
Durham, NC 27708-0305
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wulflogger (current: v0.2.0, 6/20/04) is a derived cousin of wulfstat that monitors very similar statistics but just writes them out to stdout in an easily parsed, timestamped format. The output can then be redirected into a file or piped into perl or other scripting languages for further processing and display in fancier media, e.g. a graph, report, or web page. It uses the same format as the wulfhosts file(s) of wulfstat and requires xmlsysd to be installed on the monitored nodes or LAN workstations.

wulflogger seems to be working well enough at this point to consider it to be production software -- I'm working hard to keep it up to date and reasonably well debugged. It is being used in the associated wulfweb project that should be in this website.

If you need any particular output from wulflogger let me know. Eventually I'll probably come up with an output format descriptor that can be read in as input so you can roll your own format and get precisely what you want, but we're not there yet.

SPECIAL NOTE: As of v0.2.0, wulflogger requires unsigned long long ints to handle 2.6 kernel fields, which in turn requires a compiler that supports strtoull() correctly. gcc does, but only with the -std=c99 flag, so wulflogger (and libwulf) now build with this flag set. This may impact buildability on older systems. Please report problems to the list or to rgb.


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