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Robert G. Brown's Home Page

Things on the site itself that may be of interest to students or philosophers of any age or generation include complete online books of poetry, various support materials for the study of physics, and links related to beowulfery. All materials on this site that are authored by Robert G. Brown are Copyright 2004. The details of their Open Public License (modified) can be viewed here. If you use or enjoy anything at all on this site -- free textbooks, stories, programs, or other resources, consider hitting to help spread the word so others can find it as well. Note, Robert G. Brown is generally either rgb or rgbatduke on many external sites crosslinked here.

My Books:

My Books

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Books by Robert G. Brown

The Book of Lilith Website

This site contains links devoted to The Book of Lilith, a work of fiction by Robert G. Brown. Many of the links, of course, will also be of interest to anyone interested in the myth of Lilith and her relationship to Adam, to Eve, to Gilgamesh, to Cain in both historical work and modern culture. [Vampire fans be warned! The Lilith portrayed in this book (and in most of the links below) is not a bloodsucking demoness of the night. Sorry. You might like it anyway, though.]

The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood Website

This site contains links devoted to The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. This is a work of straight-up swords-and-SF that is in a late draft stage -- entirely readable but not perfect (and being actively proofread to make it perfect). Copies purchased now could end up being collectors items in a decade or so, but people who want a free PDF copy and are willing to review or prooread the current snapshot in exchange should contact the author

There are lots of (free, GPL) resources on this site that you might find useful or interesting that you can reach by following the links above and/or to the side. Current "bestsellers" include:

  • wulfware, a GPL cluster/beowulf/LAN monitoring suite.
  • How to Engineer a Beowulf-Style Compute Cluster (coming soon on lulu!) and other reseources for beowulf/cluster builders)
  • dieharder, the last suite of GPL random number generator testers you'll ever wear.
  • gflashcard, an GPL XML-based flashcard display program for linux (still under development but quite functional).
  • Introductory Physics I, a free/OPL textbook for Newtonian mechanics, waves and oscillations, and thermodynamics. (Look for this soon on lulu!)
  • Axioms, a book (under development) on the theory of knowledge and metaphysical basis of all philosophy. (Yes, moving towards lulu...)
  • benchmaster, a GPL XML-based benchmark and system exercise program. It is fully functional, but under development (I have big plans for it).

Home Class Lilith Poetry Prose Philosophy Beowulf General Research Contact About

This page is maintained by Robert G. Brown, available at rgb at phy dot duke dot edu. This address is also associated with rgbatduke in e.g. stumbleupon or google code, in case you are looking.