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Things on the site itself that may be of interest to students or philosophers of any age or generation include complete online books of poetry, various support materials for the study of physics, and links related to beowulfery. All materials on this site that are authored by Robert G. Brown are Copyright 2004. The details of their Open Public License (modified) can be viewed here. If you use or enjoy anything at all on this site -- free textbooks, stories, programs, or other resources, consider hitting to help spread the word so others can find it as well. Note, Robert G. Brown is generally either rgb or rgbatduke on many external sites crosslinked here.

My Books:

My Books

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Robert G. Brown Contact Information

Robert G. Brown's email address:

Duke Mail Address:

Robert G. Brown
Duke University Physics Department
Box 90305
Durham, NC 27708-0305

Duke (UPS/Shipping) Street Address:

Robert G. Brown
Duke University Physics Department
107 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708-0305


Department Picnic, 2004

Come and meet and play with the Physics Department faculty, grad students, and undergraduate majors at the 2004 Picnic! This is a great opportunity to get to know the many people that make the department special, have a good time, and obtain the proverbial Free Lunch that there ain't no such thing as! 1st year graduate and undergraduate students are particularly invited, as this is the best possible time and way to get to know everybody.

Here is a link to a Yahoo Map to the physics department picnic at the R. L. Rigsbee Shelter on Cameron Drive (NC 751).

To get there, take NC 751 north from campus. Go under 15-501, through the new traffic circle, past Constitution Dr on the right and Kerley Rd on the left. The shelter is at Gate F, shortly after Kerley and on the left side. If you cross the narrow bridge, you passed it; turn around at Rt 70 and come back. The gate will be marked by balloons. Beverages and food are provided; bring frisbees, soccer balls, or other entertainment hardware as desired.

Special Requests: The picnic committee would love to borrow your cooler and/or your portable grill if you have one to loan. We can also help set up rides for people who wish to attend but have no transportation. If you have a ride, a cooler, or a grill to offer, or if you need a ride to and/or from the picnic please contact and we'll try to help set you up.

Home Class Lilith Poetry Prose Philosophy Beowulf General Research Contact About

This page is maintained by Robert G. Brown, available at rgb at phy dot duke dot edu. This address is also associated with rgbatduke in e.g. stumbleupon or google code, in case you are looking.