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Robert G. Brown's Research Page

Things on the site itself that may be of interest to students or philosophers of any age or generation include complete online books of poetry, various support materials for the study of physics, and links related to beowulfery. All materials on this site that are authored by Robert G. Brown are Copyright 2004. The details of their Open Public License (modified) can be viewed here. If you use or enjoy anything at all on this site -- free textbooks, stories, programs, or other resources, consider hitting to help spread the word so others can find it as well. Note, Robert G. Brown is generally either rgb or rgbatduke on many external sites crosslinked here.

My Books:

My Books

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Research Links

This page is (or will be, when it is finished) devoted to research work and publications of Robert G. Brown, including source codes, published papers, and ideas. All of these materials are published under a modified Open Publication License that permits unlimited free noncommercial and personal use, except where the license is superceded by the license of the original publication (in, for example, Physical Review). In any event, the materials (papers, presentations, code or otherwise) may not be published in any form or media that is sold for profit. The details of the license can be viewed here and in each available version viewed below. Stats for this page can be viewed here.

Commercial publishers interested in producing an actual book (or other media form) of the material below are encouraged to contact the author.

Curriculum Vitae

Robert G. Brown's Curriculum Vitae. Check the date(s) on the CV link page for last update.

Brown and Ciftan Research Description

This is a link to a small website that details much of the current research of R. G. Brown and M. Ciftan.

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This page is maintained by Robert G. Brown, available at rgb at phy dot duke dot edu. This address is also associated with rgbatduke in e.g. stumbleupon or google code, in case you are looking.