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This is the official home page for the Duke University Physics Department's Brahma Beowulf Project. Please feel free to explore this website. There are a number of things on the site itself that may be of use or interest to individuals interested in beowulf-style cluster computing.

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Beowulf/Cluster Talks and Papers

The following talks and papers are listed in their approximate order of creation. Astute viewers will note that there is a lot of overlap in many of the talks, which were in many cases created from the previous latest version of the One True Talk on clusters (modified for the current audience). Sorry. There are (if you look carefully) differences, and for some audiences those differences were important.

This is a short paper on memtest, crosslisted with Software/Programs. I wrote memtest to play with benchmarking memory bandwidth, specifically to be able to see for myself the "cost" of random access versus streaming access for memory on various architectures. memtest is being swallowed whole by cpu_rate above, though, with its superior timing harness. The graphs on this page, however, are worth preserving so I'm leaving the page active for the time being.
Special Links for Beowulf Builders
This is a collection of resources associated with an article I wrote in March and April of 2003 for publication in the cluster issue of Linux Magazine. After the article is published, I'm hoping to crosslink or reprint the article itself here as well, but that depends on LM.
Introduction to the BEOWULF Design
Presented to the Duke systems administration group in April, 2003.
A Model for Cluster Computing at Duke
Written in March and April of 2003; a white paper that is basically a Request For Comments on a plan for centralized support for cluster computing at Duke. Contains quite a bit on scaling and infrastructure requirements and cost/benefit thereof in Duke's Red Hat/Kickstart/Yum based linux environment.
The Critical Scaling of the Helicity Modulus of the O(3) Classical Heisenberg Ferromagnet
Presented to the Duke High Performance Computing group in April, 2003.
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