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The contract clause of innocence
Will not abide the court of truth.
Ignorance is no excuse, so see!

Justice lies unblinded, bloody,
Slain by her own sold sword
While she listened, senseless,
To warring voices dissemble.
Her scales are broken by her side,
Where coins of malice once balanced
The weight of evil, unredressed.
Her silken skirts are lifted
By a billion avenging hands. They tremble
From afflictions uncounted,
From disease and hunger unassessed,
Unheeded by the easy heroes from the fat lands.
The violation is not unneeded,
But small consolation to the withered frames
And swollen bellies bought by guns
But never a bite to eat
Or an honest word.
Wash their feet?
How absurd!

Invoke, too, the muses.
They have their uses.

Robert G. Brown 2007-03-21