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The Gods

The winds of Fimbulwinter blow;
Arjuna arms against his cousins,
Krishna dances upon Athena's broken form.
Awesome Allah wrestles the Son of God
In the union metrodome tonight,
While Buddha laughs at Jehovah's jokes.
Mars stalks the starways with Thor's new-forged hammer
To smite the Beast of the plains.
The filed teeth of forgotten gods
Prepare to feast on the smoking remains
In unholy communion.

The Furies replace the Fates with fears
Spinning snakes to blood stained threads
Weaving through the warp of tears
Venom riding the shuttle of doom.
Alecto, Tisiphone, and dread Megaera
Draw the cloth through sharpest shears
And invoke the astra Praswaapa
To razor the pattern from the loom.

What can endure the weight of forever?
Invoke the thousand names of God.
The images alone are not strong enough
To sever the threads.

Robert G. Brown 2007-03-21