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Albert Chang

is a Professor in the Duke University Physics Department.

General Information

  • Address:
    • Albert Chang
      Department of Physics
      Box 90305
      Duke University
      Durham, NC 27708-0305, USA
  • Email: yingshe@phy.duke.edu
  • Phone: (919) 660-2596
  • Fax: (919) 660-2525
  • Office: 210 Physics
  • Research Group:

Review Articles

  • Chiral Luttinger Liquids at the Fractional Quantum Hall Edge
  • This is a preprint version of the manuscript which has appeared in the Reviews of Modern Physics 75, 1449 (2003), and contains an expanded theory section, which contains a discussion of the Fermi liquid and its justification from many-body analysis, as well as an appendix which discusses the edge density profile of the 2DEG.
  • Novel Phenomena in Small Individual and Coupled Quantum Dots
  • This manuscript has appeared in ELECTRON TRANSPORT IN QUANTUM DOTS, Johahtan P. Bird (ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, p. 123, (2003), and a contains substantial amount of previously unpublished data.
  • Kondo Effect in Coupled Quantum Dots
  • This manuscript, entitled ``The Kondo Effect in Coupled Double-Quantum-Dots," has appeared Reports on Progress in Physicsi, Volume 72, issue 9, art. num. 096501 (2009). It reviews the Kondo effect in both serially-coupled and parallel-coupled dots, and the interplay between Kondo correlation of an electron spin on each dot with the Fermi sea of electrons in the leads that are connected to the dots, in competition with an anti-ferromagnetic coupled between the two spins, which tends to favor a spin singlet for the quantum dots. In addition, the two- and multi-channel Kondo effect is discussed.