17 th Annual International Conference on Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics
January 7-10, 1998
The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC

Dynamics Days is an annual conference that brings together researchers interested in a wide variety of phenomena associated with nonlinear dynamical systems. This year session topics will include mathematical methods for solving nonlinear differential equations and modeling data, the structures that emerge in fluid, granular, biological, and ecological systems, the behavior of some specific dynamical systems, and control and synchronization of chaotic systems.

Note that the 1998 conference is now over.
If you weren't there, you missed all the fun.

Dynamics Days '99 will be held at the Georgia Institute of Technology in January of 1999.


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Local Committee: Earl Dowell, Daniel Gauthier, Henry Greenside, Peter Haff, Laurens Howle, Richard Palmer, David Schaeffer, Stephen Teitsworth, Lawrence Virgin, William Wilson, Hua Wang, Duke University.

Dynamics Days '98 was supported by Duke University and The Office of Naval Research

Oral Presentations Given at Dynamics Days '98