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The Pandeist Theorem

Let us now (at last) state the basic theorem:

If God exists, then God is identical to the Universe.

That is, the theorem is a statement of conditional pandeism. If God exists at all, God must be absolutely everything that exists.

We start with what is really just an ontological or semantic observation, something that is immediately obvious from the meanings of the words themselves. We have carefully defined the Universe to be everything that exists, the set consisting of all that has objective existential reality, in accord with common usage. The word literally means ``turned to one'', the union of all that has being.

It is therefore quite obvious that if God exists (has being), God must be either a part of the Universe or the whole Universe9.

God by the property of omniscience must have precisely the irreducible information content of the entire Universe.


Robert G. Brown 2014-02-06