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In this work, a very simple theorem linking the Universe and a hypothetical God has been proposed that makes the process of ``creation'' as described by nearly all scriptural mythologies literally impossible. There is no creation. There is no birth, no death, only eternal being, a being of information. This theorem incidentally also resolves a number of other philosophical conundrums from the ages, for example the issue of whether things are mind or matter, material or ideal. The answer is neither - they are self-encoded information. Self-encoded information has been shown to be distinct from symbolically encoded information and is something that can equally well be viewed as being ``matter'' or as ``mind'', although it can never be sufficiently emphasized that in general when one speaks of mind one speaks of an entropic-time driven awareness that is quite distinct from the kind of information or awareness attendant upon calling the intrinsic coordinates of an electron mind instead of the more descriptive mere self-encoded information.

Robert G. Brown 2014-02-06