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This is the official website of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, the first book in the eventual Gods of the Multiverse series. This site (and the book itself) are still under contruction, please be patient.

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Review/Synopsis of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood

Sam Foster was a perfectly ordinary physicist with a sexy wife, a good job, and a house in the country with its own private fishing hole. Unfortunately, that fishing hole was located square on one of the points where there barrier between our Universe and the many other Universes of the Multiverse is thinnest. From time to time he went fishing and came back to a different home, a different wife, a different life.

At first the changes were subtle and he was able to convince himself that they hadn't happened at all. Then one day he came home to find his wife swinging from the rafters, apparently killed by his own hand. Hounded by the police, Sam is forced to jump worlds deliberately, using a homemade apparatus to send himself and a small set of supplies to a world where dinosaurs still roam the plains and giant sharks teem in the oceans, where his technology is at once tremendously advanced and extremely primitive, where he quickly finds himself embroiled in a Multiversal war between the Gods of the Multiverse and their attendant DEMigods, angels and demons.

Only Sam's swords and honor (plus the help of his friends, including an angel of sorts and a strange sentient fur-person he picked up during the multiversal transition) stand against the domination of the enslaving, cruel demons of the Dark Brotherhood!

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Preview The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood

Follow this link to preview The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. I suggest setting your browser width so that reading pages is comfortable (usually where 60 or so characters fit on a line) and then just using your keyboard's page down button to shift pages. At some point I'll produce a flash version of the preview, but the book is still being editorially reviewed and it seems wiser to wait until that process is finished. In the meantime, the whole book can be read on the net, or you can read until you are certain you want a paper copy and then order one.


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rgb's Writing Links

  • The Author's Den
  • Goodreads
    Goodreads is a great online book club, for those that like book clubs. It is a place where book readers hang out. Some authors seeking to promote their books (blush, blush) sure, but on this site they are readers first.
  • rgb's Lulu blog
    I'm too busy writing (I'm working on some five or six books simultaneously) to blog out, but I do try to write a bit here from time to time. It's one of several decent places to see what's going on.
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Links to Different Media Versions of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood

Lulu Trade Paper
This is the home of the ISBN paperback version of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. This is the only version of the book available during the final proofreading stages preceding its release with an ISBN, and it is sure to become a collector's item some day (as are the even more rare copies of its previous release as World Walker). Reviews or comments welcome!
rgb's Lulu Bookstore.
This is where all my available books published through Lulu are for sale. There are two complete books of poetry, The Book of Lilith (a pretty fabulous novel in its own right), a Classical Electromagnetism lecture note/textbook, and a book on Beowulf computing (the latter two somewhat under development) there for paper copy sale or PDF download. Check them out!
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This page is maintained by Robert G. Brown, and he cherishes communication from readers interested slightly cheesy but oh-so-fun swords-and-SF. If you want to talk over the adventures of Sam Foster, make suggestions for future stories, complain, praise, feel free to drop him a line. His obfuscated, anti-spam email address is rgb at phy dot duke dot edu; feel free to contact him there.

Communication can also be established in blogspace if you are more interested in that medium. The author maintains a writing blog on lulu, and will sooner or later read and reply to comments made on the book's pages on lulu, on the author's Writer's Den site, or on the Goodreads site.