Mathematica Notebooks on Mathematical Methods for Physics

Mathematica Notebooks on Mathematical Methods for Physics

These are Mathematica Notebooks written by Richard G. Palmer of the Department of Physics of Duke University.


These notebooks were written for the Duke University courses PHY 230: Mathematical Methods in Physics and PHY 231: Mathematical Methods in Electromagentism, taken by first-year graduate students in Physics.

Notebooks on other topics are also available.

Originally the notebooks are designed for Mathematica version 3.0 (!). Some notebooks are later on.

The notebooks mainly contain text and unevaluated Mathematica expressions. The user is expected to evaluate all such expressions, one at a time in order, unless otherwise instructed. Evaluating a whole notebook usually doesn't work, and in any case misses much of the point.

Copyright and Usage

These notebooks are Copyright Richard G. Palmer (1995–2010). They may be freely used by individuals, and by classes at academic institutions, provided:
  1. Credit is given to Richard Palmer as the original author; and
  2. They are not bought or sold or exchanged for profit, or incorporated into material that is bought or sold or exchanged for profit.
Any other use requires the written permission of Richard Palmer.

The Notebooks

You'll probably need to save the notebooks into files, start up Mathematica, and then open the file(s).

Last Updated: 15-Nov-10