Berndt Mueller

J. B. Duke Professor of Physics

Phone: [+1]  919 660 2570
FAX: [+1]  919 660 2525 
Office: 250 Physics Bldg.

Research Area: Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics

Research Group: Hot and Dense QCD Matter / Duke QCD Theory

International Connections: Duke-Japan Collaboration

Joint Appointment: Brookhaven National Laboratory

Duke Center for Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences


Current Graduate Students:

  • Xiaojun Yao

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    My research currently focuses on nuclear matter at extreme energy density. Quantum chromodynamics, the fundamental theory of nuclear forces, predicts that nuclear matter dissolves into quarks and gluons, the constituents of nucleons, when a critical energy density is exceeded. My collaborators and I are studying the properties of this quark-gluon plasma from the theoretical point of view. We are also developing the theory of the formation of a quark-gluon plasma, in particular the problem of thermalization, and we study methods of its detection in high-energy nuclear collisions.

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