TNT Colloquium Fall 2008

Unless listed otherwise, talks are held at 3:30 pm at the following locations:

NCSU: Room 400 Riddick Laboratory, North Campus of NCSU Map of NCSU Campus
Duke: Faculty lounge (room 298), Physics Department Directions

Information on reimbursement of speakers can be found here.

Sep. 2
[Duke, 3:30 pm]
Lukas Platter
Ohio State U.
Universal Relations for Strongly-Interacting Fermi Gases from the Operator Product Expansion
Oct. 14
[Duke, 3:30 pm]
Matthias Burkardt
New Mexico State U.
Transverse Structure of Hadrons
Oct. 28
[NC State, 3:30 pm]
Sanjay Reddy
Los Alamos
Superfluid Heat Conduction in the Neutron Star Crust
Nov. 11
[Duke, 3:30 pm]
Bjoern Schenke
McGill U.
Jet energy loss in stable and unstable non-Abelian plasmas
Dec. 2
[NC State, 3:30 pm]
Felix Werner
U. Mass-Amherst
Cold Atoms near a Feshbach Resonance: Analytical Results
Dec. 9
[Duke, 3:00 pm]
Matthias Schindler
Ohio U.
Bayesian parameter estimation in effective field theories
Dec. 16
[NC State, 3:30 pm]
Ben Bakker
Vrije U.
Model calculations of the pion's GPD