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June 2
June 3
final exam
 final exam today at 6:00
tutorial help for exam

10 am - noon
(Dr. Winters & Mr. Milbourne)

noon - 2 pm

1 pm - 3 pm
(Dr. Bennett)

3pm - 5 pm
(Ms. Bondell & Ms. Stefan)

bring a record of your in-class presentations (problem and date presented) to the final exam

 make sure that your sound and music lab (C6) is in the box at test time... we will be looking at it during the test

make sure that you pick your lab book up after the test, because any lab books that are left behind won't get the C6 points

see AMNESTY HOUR for labs below
Amnesty Hour
AMNESTY HOUR is today from
noon to 2 pm & from 4 pm - 5 pm

this is a chance to get points for UNGRADED labs that didn't get graded because you didn't have them in the black boxes at the proper time

you MUST personally appear with your lab book and talk to me to get this credit.... do NOT put the lab book in the black box; we will not be looking for it there


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