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 my record of show/tell problems that you have done is now posted on my office door: please come by and  check your entry for accuracy and make sure that it is accurate

all lab books are graded and available now;
please pick them up (and use for studying!); you will not be allowed to start the final exam until both lab books are picked up, along with stray papers from the "stray paper envelope"

Amnesty Hours

(3 -  5 pm):
a time to bring in labs for which you have no score in your book (and therefore a grade of zero in my gradebook)

it is YOUR responsibility (not mine) to know which labs are missing grades; hopefully by 3 pm, there will be a key posted on my door of what labs should have grades and what the maximum score was

tutorial help will be available from 10 am - 5 pm today on Bryan 4th;
I will be here from 3 - 5 pm

bulletin board problem deadline is 3 pm today; pick one of your practice problems from chapters 13 and 14; please make it decently meaty, not a 3- or 4-line plug-in

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