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November 7
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November 11
 bring PINK sheet completed for the Force directions asked for in the top set of pictures and the B fields asked for the in the bottom set of pictures
see lab below 
test on all circuit topics (includes lab, building and measuring) 
based on reading below, make sure you know

why CAN'T a magnetic field increase a charged particle's speed?
(the gravity field or the electric field could make a charge travel faster)

what's the physics principle that tells us?
(always done
before class)
22(3) again, particularly on the velocity selector & mass spectometer
& the practical examplses of each:

where have we seen a velocity selector this week?

what war did a mass spectrometer help win?
Motors and Generators:
Walker 23(1,2,6)

300-301, 304-305

TWTW new editon
280-281. 284-285

(by 5 pm)
challenges 1 and 2;
follow the usual force diagram procedure (Walker does a similar problem on pp. 722-723, but he does not do very well at following OUR established procedure -- get out those IVORY guides! --  I'm sure you will do much better)

for challenge 1 and some of the later challenges, you will need to have access to the Charged Particle software because it shows you time, tells you if your solution is correct, allows you to make measurements, etc.
(you can do most of challenge 1, however, without the software, and I encourage you to do so)

Charged Particles users guide
tells you how/where to access the program

 challenges 7 and 8
 solutions to the light bulb practical are posted!
do you know the reason that the light bulbs dont obey Ohm's law?
(do you know what "obey Ohm's law" means?)
 bar magnet lab
have you looked at the solutions to the electrostatic
practical ?

they are posted!
 turn in lab D8 asap:
fold the sheet into eighths; make sure your last names are on the outside
lab D10:
generators and motors
have you done the TWTW reading on magnetism and magnetic devices? 

physics of cyclotrons

cyclotron applet

good practice problems:

challenge 4 and 5
dc motor

ac generator

good practice problems from Walker chapter 22:

question 7;
problems 14 - 22,
56-62, 66

the bulletin board will want solutions from chapter 22 problems by monday at 2 pm
(practicing for the final)
October 31
November 1
November 2
November 3
November 4
 homework to bring to class:

make the predictions (curren through and voltage drop across
each resistor)
asked for in lab D6:
a) for the series circuit if you didnt finish
it in class
(this is the non-measurement part of A5 of the lab)

b) for the parallel circuit (this is the non-measurement
part of B3)... assume the same battery voltage as you used for the series prediction
homework to bring to class:

part C of lab D6

plus any other non-measurement parts of lab D6
 bring to class:

1) D6 completely finished including all measurements
done with your partner

2) at least one of the four D7 circuits completely predicted
(that includes written loop rules, junction rules, ohm's laws,  and numerical calculations for the voltage difference across and current through each of the 3 resistors and the battery)

today is the last day that we spend on D7 in class

the last day for the 4 D7 checks is Friday
 see lab and reading below
(always done
before class)
the following pictures and captions: Fig 22 (19,20,25,27)

be ready to answer:
what produces a magnetic field?
what are the magnetic "charges"? how many are there? what are the attraction/repulsion rules?  how do magnetic fields lines look?
know how to find the force on a moving charged particle with the right-hand rule

also page 722-723 on circular motion in magnetic fields


(by 5 pm)

not by 5 pm, but see "class"box above for written (lab) work to be done and brought to class 
not by 5 pm, but see "class" box above for written (lab) work to be done and brought to class
 21(29, 70)

 light-bulb practical due by end of tutorial
(see last Friday's lab box for instructions)

lab D7 starts
 see class slot above
we do lab D9 in class

bring your green lab book

good time to get D7 checks is at tutorial tonight
last day for the 4  checks in lab D7
(one check for each lab)


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