Government and Politics

US Government

e-mail the Pres, your congressman or senator it's easy; just click on the name
The White House and the White House archives
National Science Foundation
Legislative Information
CapWeb: A Guide to Congress
House of Representatives
Congress.Org talk back to your congress-person
recent Supreme Court decisions
Library of Congress
Internal Revenue Service
Central Intelligence Agency
Crime statistics everything you wanted to know from Department of Justice
U. S. Postal Service
Complete guide to every federal agency

National Budget Simulation

North Carolina

NC Almanac of Government and Politics
e-mail addresses for members of the NC State Senate and NC State House of Representatives
NC General Assembly info bills, voting history, legislative calendar
NC Department of Public Instruction

Durham & vicinity

how to register to vote or vote absentee
  local election issues/races/results
  Michael Peterson


   Ralph Nader for President
  Bill Bradley for President
  Welcome to Gore 2000
  John McCain for President Official Site
Democratic National Committee
  Democratic (US) Senatorial Campaign


Political Commentary

Politics Now from ABC, the Washington Post, Newsweek, L. A. Times, and National Journal
AllPolitics from CNN and Time
Project Vote Smart
American Voter '00 from Congressional Quarterly
Rock the Vote
The Netizen - Impolitic from HotWired
Skeleton Closet bipartisan dirt

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