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Astronomical News & Discoveries

              Astronomy, Particle Physics, Quantum Physics Discoveries

              Young Astronomers Newsletter  by Art Gormeley now is in pdf with active links

              news from Sky and Telescope

              news from Earth & Sky

              news from Astronomy Magazine

              news from  Scientific American

  news from the American Astronomical Society

           astrobites  a summary of interesting publications from astrophysics graduate students brought down to undergrad level


Commentary on Astrophysics, Particle Physics, & Quantum Physics

              Starts with a Bang  by  Ethan Siegel              commentaries on and explanations of mostly asstrophysics

              Backreaction    by  Sabine Hossenfelder     
commentary on mostly particle physics

              Quantum Frontiers                                              commentaries on quantum information & matter

              Preposterous Universe  by  Sean Carroll     commentaries on mostly cosmology

Of Particular Interest  by  Matt Strassler      commentaries on and explanations of mostly particle physics  (updates are sparse recently)


              Science 2.0                                                             commentary (often right-wing) on all fields of science,,,,
                                                                                                            beware!  these guys are suspicious of climate change


   Educational Software

Image Processing

   Astronomy image processing software

  Astronomical image processing activities and curricula

  Remote telescope observing

   Citizen science projects

  technical guide to  FITS images

  NASA CERES Astronomy Data Resource

The following groups have created a number of interactive exercises involving astronomical image processing that are appropriate for high school or intro college astronomy classes

  Faulkes Telescope
           Hands-On Universe

  Chandra Ed                       image processing software useful for Chandra X-ray telescope images

Citizen Science projects

More than 20 current astronomy-oriented citizen-science projects exist
that allow you to access research-quality data
and help professional astronomers classify objects and/or make discoveries

Interactive sky simulation software

  Stellarium                                                free open source software; > 600,000 stars; Windows, Linux, and Mac versions

                                                                        and now a webversion

  C2A Computer Aided Astronomy         free;  Windows only

  Skychart  (Cartes de Ciel)                     free software for drawing sky charts; Windows, Linux, and Mac versions

  World Wide Telescope

  HomePlanet                                            free; > 250,000 stars; excels at locating artificial satellites, comets, and asteroids; less realistic sky view than those above

  Starry Night                                            $49.95 and up

  The Sky                                                   $49.95 and up

  Red Shift                                                 $59.99

and for phones and tablets

Java and other simulation software

CLEA -- Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy

12 download-able simulations usable in college or advanced high school (including Hubble redshift law; H-R diagram of the Pleiades; Mercury's rotation; photon random walk in the sun; determining Jupiter's mass using its moons; spectral classification; large scale structure of the universe)

           Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project       15 Applets targeting the undergraduate introductory astronomy audience (including blackbody curves, binary simulator, exoplanets and habitable zones, variable star photometry)

  Project LITE Spectrum Explorer           interactively explore  blackbody radiation

  Simulations of spectroscopic and eclipsing binaries

  GalCrash                model galaxy collsions
  Galaxsee              create your own galaxy

Astronomy Texts of the Future

Astronomy HyperText Book
Virtual Astronomy Library

Other Educational Resources

Movies and animations

MPEG movie trips to black holes and neutron stars


1920 Shapley-Curtis Debate Are the "spiral nebulae" inside or outside of our galaxy?
1995 Lamb-Paczynski Debate The Distance Scale to the Gamma-Ray Bursts
1996 The Scale of the Universe
1998 The Nature of the Universe



Arp's Atlas Of Peculiar Galaxies


ExInEd Home Page
Educational Activities at the Space Telescope Science Institute

Newsletters, Journals, and Preprints


Sky and Telescope including What's up in the sky; their catalog of books, software, observing aids; telescope reviews and more

Astronomy magazine

Astronomy Now the leading astro magazine from Great Britain

Mercury magazine   &  Universe in the Classroom   from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific


The Astrophysical Journal full text of articles, letters, and the supplement

Astrophysics preprints from arXiv

Astronomical Journal

            Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Solar News electronic newsletter

Astrophysics Data System Abstract Service


American Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
American Association of Variable Star Observers
International Planetarium Society
The Planetary Society
American Lunar Society
SETI Institute

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