Movie clips

  1. Tokyo String Quartet, Jan.20, 1990 : Peter Oundjian (violin), Kikuei Ikeda (violin) , Kazuhide Isomura (viola), Sadao Harada (cello). Practicing and performing in Reynolds Auditorium.

  2. Beaux Arts Trio Oct. 27,1990 : Isidore Cohen (violin), Peter Wiley (cello), Menahem Pressler (Piano). Pressler practicing in Meyer home; Trio practicing in Page Auditorium. Pressler relaxing, Wiley getting dressed for performance. Cohen, Wiley practicing. Concert. Next day Cohen and Pressler rehearsing for another concert.

  3. Members of the Cremona Trio with guests Jan. 19, 1991 : Bernard Rose(piano), Setsuko Nagata (violin). Guests: Sadao Harada (cello), Kikuei Ikeda (violin) both from the Tokyo SQ, and James Van de Mark (double bass). Van de Mark practicing in Page rehearsing room. Rose, Nagata and Harada practicing. Back to Van de Mark practicing. Musicians getting ready for concert. Performance: Trout quintet by Schubert.

  4. Jean-Yves Thibaudet (Piano) April 6,1991. (He performed with Carol Wincenc, flute, not shown here). Practising a Rachmaninoff piece in Meyer home. Checking metronome, then cleaning the piano keys. Signing guest book in kitchen.