Yuchen Zhao

Department of Physics, Duke University

On this page, I put pedagogical materials I created for myself and labmates. Feel free to download, I hope you find them helpful.

LAMMPS Granular Materials

LAMMPS (Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator) is an open source molecular dynamic simulater distributed by Sandia National Laboratories. Here I upload simple codes and explanatory comments that I used to teach myself during research.

Learning LAMMPS on your own could be tough ;p ! Its examples, manual and mailing list archive are my primary references, which took me a while to get used to. Therefore, I would like to provide a hopefully more comfortable initial learning examples for those self-educated lammpers, to supplement the above three references.

Crash course on LAMMPS for labmates (PDF)

A helpful site about rigid body granular material simulation from Leo Silbert.

Ex1: pour grains into a cude

code, comments

Ex2: unclog a jammed hopper using a rod

code, comments, supplement

Ex3: drop a few jacks

code, comments, supplement

Ex4: move an intruder through 2D granular medium at a constant speed

code, comments, supplement

Ex5: constant volumn & displacement controlled simple shear in 2D

code, comments, supplement-1, supplement-2

Ex6: constant pressure & displacement controlled simple shear in a viscous environment in 2D

code, comments, supplement-1, supplement-2

Ex7: Direct shear test used in our paper (arXiv:2002.09800)

code, supplement-1

Raspberry Pi

Crash course on Raspberry Pi for labmates (PDF)

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