Parity Violation at HIGS2: Working Group Page

co-convenors: Mike Snow and Roxanne Springer

This is the working group page for the parity violation portion of the HIGS2 whitepaper. The white paper will explore the physics research opportunities at an upgraded High Intensity Gamma-ray Source, the HIGS2 facility at TUNL. The focus areas are nuclear astrophysics, hadronic parity violation, and the search for physics beyond the standard model (BSM). The white paper will include an estimated range of design parameters and performance specifications for HIGS2 and the new experimental opportunities made possible by the capabilities of HIGS2.

Possible PV observables that might be the subject of prospectuses include:

Stage 1 -- preparation for NSAC subcommittee

Here is the initial Call for Prospectuses.

Initial input should be provided by 6 July 2012. However, if you wish to contribute to the white paper but need more time please contact us. Our goal is to have a document that summarizes our preliminary findings (executive summary with bullet points) ready for distribution by mid August. This timeline is driven by the aim of submitting highlights from the document to the NSAC prioritization subcommittee prior to their deliberations meeting this summer

NSAC version of HIGS2 white paper

HIGS2 Workshop, summer 2013

Snowmass Submission of 31 July 2013

Howell Talk at Low Energy Community Meeting Aug. 2013

Working Group Members:

M. Ahmed, NC-Central
R. Carlini, JLAB
J.-W. Chen, National Taiwan U
C. Crawford, University of Kentucky
W. Deconinck, William and Mary
N. Fomin, LANL
H. Gao, Duke
M. Gericke, U Manitoba
L. Girlanda, INFN
H. Griesshammer, GWU
V. Gudkov, U South Carolina
H.-W. Hammer, Bonn
P. Huffman, NC-State
B. Holstein, U Mass.
C. Howell, Duke
C.H. Hyun, Daegu
S.S. Jawalkar, Duke
S. Kucuker, UT-Knoxfille
D. Lee, NC-STate
C.-P. Liu, NDHU
D. Markoff, NC-Central
B. Norum, UVA
S. Penttila, ORNL
M. Schindler, U South Carolina
P. Seo, University of Virginia
W.M. Snow, Indiana U./CEEM
R.P. Springer, Duke
W. van Oers, Univ. of Manitoba, Winnepeg
J. Vanasse, Duke
S. Wilburn, LANL
B. Wojteskhowski, JLAB
Y.K. Wu, Duke
HangHua Xu, SINAP
Wang Xu, SINAP
S.-L. Zhu, Peking U.