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Introduction to the Internet Protocols

Robert G. Brown
Duke University Physics Department
Durham, NC 27708-0305
Copyright Robert G. Brown, 2017


Truly a classic, this work (and it's companion, Introduction to Administration of an Internet-based Local Network) were my original "online guides" in TCP/IP networking (and networking in general). You'd think they'd be dated, sixteen years later, but of course TCP/IP itself hasn't changed, ethernet hasn't fundamentally changed -- amazingly, these are still some of the best simple introductions available anywhere on or off the net. Thank you, Charles L. Hedrick, whereever you might be!

Note Well! This work is NOT copyright Robert G. Brown! Rather:

                        the Internet Protocols

                      C                       R

                              C       S
                  Computer Science Facilities Group
                              C       I

                      L                       S

                  The State University of New Jersey

                             3 July 1987

This is an introduction to the Internet networking protocols (TCP/IP).
It  includes  a  summary  of  the  facilities  available   and   brief
descriptions of the major protocols in the family.

Copyright  (C)  1987,  Charles  L. Hedrick.  Anyone may reproduce this
document, in whole or in  part,  provided  that:    (1)  any  copy  or
republication  of  the entire document must show Rutgers University as
the source, and must include this notice; and (2)  any  other  use  of
this  material  must reference this manual and Rutgers University, and
the fact that the material is copyright by Charles Hedrick and is used
by permission.


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