Performance Summary for a Dual Athlon


This just in...

From the ASL folks: "Sorry to be bearer of the bad news, but AMD has just contacted us this morning and said that the dual athlon page needs to be taken down right away. I'm guessing AMD don't want people to get the benchmark of "incomplete" product."

I think that this is the first any of us who were involved in this testing had heard of this. After all, it has been nothing but free publicity for AMD anyway, and I had the site plastered with caveats concerning the transient nature of the measurements and the fact that it was a pre-release chipset. I personally think that folks visiting the site were smart enough to realize that the numbers were at best a performance snapshot (and generally quite favorable in any event).

However, to be polite to my "hosts" I have cooperated by shutting down this website for what I have been told will be a "week or two". I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please don't be annoyed with them (or with me or, for that matter, with AMD:-) over the delay. The full report will be back up when AMD gives us the go-ahead. By then, who knows? I may even have finished it.

BY REQUEST! I am providing the following link to a Test Source Site where the sources actually used (and to be used if and when AMD gives the go-ahead once again) are made publically available for retrieval, inspection, and comment.

Robert G. Brown