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One More Time

Simple shades of white and golden
Blend to make within my mind
Something true and something hidden
Far from where someone might find
It lying in the meadow
On the grass so bright and green
Playing, happy, though a shadow
In the darkness left unseen.

Truth to tell, there is a virtue,
Standing close to heart's desire
Yet apart from living tissue
Burning with a inner fire
Sears me with dissatisfaction
Cuts me with a bitter knife.
Gives no answer to the question
Falling slow into my life.

Will it land on red or black
Is fortune just a spinning wheel
Or a steely spanning track
Where other people just aren't real.
And time is time from front to rear
With now the top of endless stack
And life a maze through which we steer
By only looking back.

Robert G. Brown 2007-03-21