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To My Love

We loved-
Yet, we dared not. Like children
On a beach we raced with the waves
Of passion,
Wetting our feet
Brightening our faces with joy and excitement,

But fearing the ocean...

For the ocean is a greater thing
Than Man or Men.
In it one might drown
One's soul,
One's individuality;
And 'neath its calm and stormy surface
In the deep and cold abyss

Lies the secret of human mortality.

Still I love to walk the beach.
Older now, the waves are waves
And my legs are tired from racing them.

Perhaps I'll move to the mountains
Where one cannot smell the sea.
Or get a house be the shore
And play games with gulls,
Sail upon the sea,
Look into its siren depths.

Perhaps I'll swim out into the ocean,
Let it enfold me and support me
And draw me down to its
Dark and deep secret.
Lure me into its green abyss
And teach me lore of life
As I accept my own mortality.
Within the web that time has woven
I love you, once and forever
Though the weaver moves on. . .
The pattern remains on the loom of Fate
Our lives move on, apart and together.

I grow sad. . .
I remember. . .
Shared sorrow, tears tasted with joy
Comforting arms a fortress firmer than
any rock.
Together in dark and fearful night
We traded secrets of our souls
And grew together for a while
As young trees grow to reach the light.
The fortress is gone now.
The lonesome sands stretch along
the beach.

The wistful waves crash upon
the empty shore.

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Robert G. Brown 2007-03-21