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The Strangest Part

The strangest part of the colored picture sang
In shades of ruby vibrant, green emerald to sapphire blue
And blue the faded notes so lonesome rang
As they flickered through the spectrum, red to blue

Blue my solemn mistress lay
Beneath the window like a child
Her warm tresses pillowed wild.
Moonlight crossed her crumpled form
With sculptured shadows cut from grey
Naked sheets a frame and cast
Echoing blue feeling past
The way all feelings pass away.

Green her eyes, though none can see
Her shape aches with lust unspent
Escape, redolent resides in her thighs
Calls to me with young skin sighs
Of time borrowed and passion lent
To illusion born of dreams of green
Seed sowed on fields of intromission
And reaped in cries of discontent.

Red, her lips half parted beckon
Offer solace in sacrifice
The duty assumed, she kneels to the task
Her features drawn into a mask
Whose costume urges the unpaid price
The bargain unsigned on her unmade bed.
The reckoning comes in aftermath
The heaving done, the skin flushed red
Green eyes reproach my hooded blue
Her cup weeps for my empty flask.

Slick stars swirl and dribble down into the furrow
Trace the way to follow through the valley of her breasts
Lead down to her pasture, there to graze upon tomorrow
Muffling completely while they swallow her protests

The puzzle lurks, its word a variation
On words learned in Babylon
Whose spelling bee in the long ago
Bore fruit in prize of fools.
Yet the mystery does tarry on
Taught in schools of sighs and consummation
Games of mastery and fumbling play
Sing to those who sing along
And softly fade away.

Let the crinkled nipple call you
Suck the memory, stroke the comfort's norm
Blind the bending inner sense
Palm the rounded swells of measure
Sought as creviced shelter from storm
Cheek pressed slide to human pleasure
Answer to oblivion forever fought
Even higher than the treasured words
Spake by sages on the promised recompense
Of seduction fraught with glow of fire.
Its soft spark calls the heart of birds.

Lifted legs in curves embrace
Arms grasp tight the nettled form
Of self. Her touch cannot deface
The One who dreamed of my divines
When the liquid interface divides
Surging slick around my turgid outer man
Driving I seek the edge of self beneath me
But always I find that never I can.

Tears slowly stream from the belly brought before me
Empty navel beckons but its song is not romance
Birth is the bloody that it brings to unfilled cradle
Dearth is the finger that it points at careless sky
Death is the ugly that it flings from filthy stable
Lingers in the lashes whipped within a wistful glance
Touches tongue with bitter juice wrung from the surging seas
Ashes blown to dust and mixed with rue and ambergris.

The strangest part depicted was the song of lonesome blue
The red was said upon the bed, but gardens green and true
Were furrowed in her body as she drew me deep within
To plant a future tangled 'neath her web of downy sin.

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Robert G. Brown 2007-03-21