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About Me

I am a theoretical physicist currently employed at Duke University in the Physics Department, where I teach various bits of physics esoterica to graduate and undergraduate students and conduct original research on a variety of topics. I am married to a rather beautiful physician (Susan F. Isbey, M.D.) who is an internist in private practice in Durham. We have three charming sons, aged twenty, sixteen and eleven months as of this writing (they were only just born to nine when I first wrote this introduction many years ago).

I love to read (for decades of my life I read a full length novel a day; in my later years I've slowed down in part because I've taken to reading those novels in Spanish, which takes me a lot longer). I love to write - expect to see a number of books on computing, poetry, science fiction, philosophy, physics, and teaching and learning appear on in the near future.

Robert G. Brown 2007-03-21