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Reason and the Will to Fight

The issue is simple, so don't get confused
We don't fight for God; it's not a ``Crusade''
We fight for sweet reason and won't be refused
By those that fear reason still more than a blade.

It's reason that tells us that women are free
To choose for themselves how to dress, what to learn
Who to marry (or not), when to worship, how to be
Not chattel to purchase, to beat or to burn.

It's reason that tells us that men are free too
But not free to end freedom and not free to kill
So stand on street corners and preach 'til you're blue
But cherish forever the listener's free will.

It's reason that tells us that it's wrong to compel
The worship of God by torture or death
One man's road to heaven is another's path to hell
God gave the right to choose along with the breath.

It's reason that tells us they haven't the right
To tear down the graceful towers in murderous glee.
It's foolish to blame us now for taking the fight
To those cowards that began it and now hide and flee.

Do they take us for fools who will stand still to die?
Do they think we won't act to defend all we love?
Do they think we'll permit them to win with a lie?
Don't they know there's a dragon inside of this dove?

We've long since rejected the right to rule of kings,
Of old myths and fables, of the wicked and the strong.
We've bled to end slavery and equalize all things
So all who live may choose, and all who live belong.

God damn them for killing in a travesty of blame
God damn them for claiming to kill in Allah's name
God damn as well the evil of their medieval cause
With its wicked heart of hatred and its tyrannical laws.

So it's off to war to fight for peace
To fight for the right to choose
To fight for a dream
To fight for a cause
To fight so that evil will lose.

Yet spare in your prayer a word for the weak
A thought for the poor fools we fight
And vow that this time when we come out on top
We'll put a permanent end to the night.

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Robert G. Brown 2005-12-14