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An Open Letter to Humankind

Dear Ones:

My love is no rock or island.

Rocks are formless and vague,
Empty atoms aimlessly swirling,
An insubstantial mist. Islands are
Tiny flecks of land, pounded
By the surging tides and ground to sand.

My love is deeper than any sea.

Seas cling like dew to the skin of worlds,
No thicker than silk to their bones. In their waters
Mindless fish eat, mate and die
In empty profusion. Their husks form the mud
That fills their deeps.

My love is weightier than the world itself.

Worlds tumble like dust in the heavens,
Smaller than any star,
And the stars themselves, strewn without number,
Are tiny indeed compared to my love...

My love surrounds the rocks and loans them strength,
Sustains the seas, divining every current and billow,
Upholds the worlds with geometric tethers,
Spinning atoms and seas, stars and planets alike
On their mantic paths.

No matter can contain Me,
No energy gives rise to My form:
Rather the reverse.

In mathematical precision
Disguised by loaded dice
I make move the cosmic all.

Greater than the four elementals,
Earth and Air,
Fire and Water,
Is the Void that separates them,
The metrics that measure them,
The empty spaces between the unsubstantial flickers
In the dark of space and time
That define what is
As I have made it.

Space and time themselves are but a checkerboard,
A non-Euclidean map
Embedded in a larger thing
That I am.

I am the Void.
I am the love that abides all things,
And all things abide in Me.

Worship Me or not as you please,
For I am in you and sustain you,
To the smallest spaces in your bones.
I care not if I worship my Self.

Fear Me or not as you would,
For I am all that is evil
And all that is good.
Indeed, only I can discriminate.

Never indifferent am I but cruel nonetheless
For My Laws negate all transgress
Lest the spheres themselves collapse
Into Chaos.

As you wend your quotidian ways,
Bearing your weary burdens
Of flesh and stone,
Blessing or cursing alike
The heedless stars that rule your house
For the joy and pain it contains:

That I was here
Before you and all else,
And when all is gone
My love for you and I
Will remain.

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Robert G. Brown 2009-08-31