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For Robert G. Brown
For Destiny's hand is bound by time Frozen into Future's past
"Now since mind is not matter, the alchemists posited the existence of what Ju
My friend! Who shall sing? No-one shall sing in the unearthly place,
...And I for one .. have seen the dark winds of thunder, striking the moun
Delineation Two faces line the glass Times approach and times p
In Avalon, so Tall and Fair by Robert G. Brown. Amidst the deserts of my min
In Defense of a Natural Religion Robert Brown. 23.10.2001 Back in the redly
"Sure he knew. The alien forms of life that had been found in the Centaurus a
Folded Cranes . Robert G. Brown, 2001-10-23 For those left living tormen
conceptual consciousness kalpanna inherent existence svabhavasiddhi eye sense
"..Synchronicities are manifestations, in mind and matter, of the unknown g
""Are you all right?" the cloth asks. A hand emerges from underneath it, pu
One night I dreamed I was a child, With hair born white and heart born cold. I
"It was during those long and lonely years that my hunger for the freed
"Oh, what'll you do now, my blue-eyed son? Oh, what'll you do now, my darling
"The patterns of the folk tale are much the same throughout the world. This ci
Spirit of the Rain. by Australian musician Ross Ryan. c.1994. Ross Ryan. Coat
"It is significant that one of the last of the truly imperial monarchs Europe
Song for Oceania. Libby Armstrong.c.1998 Waves chant a lullaby from beyo
Christmas Prayer for the Dead Robert G. Brown. 23.10.2001. Once upon a sum
Earth would like to thank all life forms for being part of the beating heart.