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This site contains links devoted to The Book of Lilith, a work of fiction by Robert G. Brown. Many of the links, of course, will also be of interest to anyone interested in the myth of Lilith and her relationship to Adam, to Eve, to Gilgamesh, to Cain in both historical work and modern culture. [Vampire fans be warned! The Lilith portrayed in this book (and in most of the links below) is not a bloodsucking demoness of the night. Sorry. You might like it anyway, though.]

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This page is maintained by Robert G. Brown, and he cherishes communication from readers interested in the philosophy, the religion, the humanism, or just the plain old story told in The Book of Lilith. His obfuscated, anti-spam email address is rgb at phy dot duke dot edu; feel free to contact him there.

Communication can also be established in blogspace if you are more interested in that medium. The author maintains a writing blog on lulu, and will sooner or later read and reply to comments made on the book's pages on lulu, on the author's Writer's Den site, or on the Goodreads site.