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Physics 54

Course Syllabus and Description

General Course Information

Instructor: Robert G. Brown
Email address: rgb at phy dot duke dot edu
Cell Phone: 919-280-8443

Lab Instructor: Ken McKenzie
Email Address: kam39 at phy dot duke dot edu>
Office Phone: 919-660-2659

Tipler and Mosca, Physics for Scientists and Engineers
Volume 2, sixth edition, ISBN 1-4292-0133-9.

Online Text:
Brown, Introductory Physics II$\sim$rgb/Class/intro_physics_2.php

Course Syllabus:$\sim$rgb/Class/phy54.php


In my opinion Wikipedia is well on its way to becoming the "Universal Textbook", with link chapters that span almost any subject especially in physics, mathematics, philosophy - things people care about.

I would suggest that as you study, at your own convenience you take "wikiromps" starting at any of the following links and following article links as it suits you until you have a pretty good understanding of the history and basic concept associated with the following ideas or laws. We'll then work extensively in class and recitation to turn that initial understanding into deep operational knowledge.

This list will expand as we encounter new concepts during the semester, although (as you'll note) you may well get to them quite early on your wikiromps as links will carry you quickly from "intro" level articles to graduate school level articles. Read and become familiar at your own pace, but don't hold back on following links to more difficult or advanced articles.

Be sure to not just read these articles, but wikiromp through the connected links within them! This can actually be a lot of fun, as many of these ideas are very cool, and link naturally to other extremely interesting ideas as well.

Course Description

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Robert G. Brown 2010-07-27