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Tentative Schedule

The following is a tentative schedule for the current semester (Spring 2011). It probably will not survive intact, as I tend to slow down when people have trouble and speed up when it is smooth sailing, which varies year to year. But it is a schedule that will carry us through the material in a timely way, and complete all the required work in the allotted time.

Note that this has all the assignments for the semester, at least as of now. The assignment rule is simple - as we complete each chapter, do all of the homework at the end (all unstarred problems for 54, all problems for 42). Use the method of three passes to do the homework if at all possible. The homework will be reviewed, in groups, with tutorial assistance in recitation, followed by a quiz of similar difficulty to upper-third problems (but usually not starred problems). You then have two days to write up your homework and hand it into the box, where you are welcome to contact me or the TA for help finishing any problem(s) that were still not clear at the end of recitation.

Students are strongly urged to come to recitation with their homework at least 70% completed in several work passes prior to recitation, so that they have a good chance of getting through the last few (usually quite difficult) problems in recitation with the help of your group members and the course mentors. If this does not occur, your quiz grade will inevitably reflect it, and your final grade will thereby suffer. Also, you won't have as much fun in recitation if you aren't participating as a contributor to the discussions on each problem. So please invest the time needed to make recitation a pleasant and productive experience for yourself and your fellow group members!

Day Chapter Assignment
January 12-14 Week 1 Week 1 HW (Due 01/28)
January 17-21 Week 2 Week 2 HW (02/4)
January 24-28 Week 3 Week 3 HW (02/11)
January 31-Feb 4 Week 4 Week 4 HW (02/18)
February 7-11 Week 5 Week 5 HW (02/25)
February 14-18 Week 6 Week 6 HW (03/4)
Feb 21 Hour Exam 1 (Weeks 1-4) In Lab
Feb 21-25 Week 6 Week 6 HW (03/11)
Feb 28-Mar 4 Week 7 Week 7 HW (03/18)
March 7-11 Spring Break Spring Break
March 14-18 Week 8 Week 8 HW (03/25)
March 21-25 Week 9 Week 9 HW (04/1)
March 28 Hour Exam 2 (Weeks 5-8) In Lab
March 28-April 1 Week 10 Week 10 HW (04/8)
April 4-8 Week 11 Week 11 HW (04/15)
April 11-15 Week 12 Week 12 HW (04/22)
April 18-22 Week 13 Week 13 HW (04/27)
April 25 Hour Exam 3 In Lab
April 25-27 Complete Week 13 Last Day of Class
May 7 Final Exam, 9:00-12:00 a.m. Room 150

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Robert G. Brown 2011-01-20