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Instructor: Robert G. Brown

Table of Contents

Class Notes and Study Aids
Link to lecture notes (incomplete but getting there), interactive non-graded problems, a review guide (collection of practice problems with no posted solutions -- yet) and other study aids.
You must complete a short reading comprehension "concept quiz" in WebAssign before the lecture series on each chapter. Most weeks we will start a new chapter on Monday, so this is a safe deadline, but you should get in the habit of checking it each weekend.
All planned homework for the year, SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Always check out the current assignment below (or better yet, come to class and get it there). The problems assigned in class are the one true authoritative homework assignment.
News and Current Assignment

News and Current Assignment

Class Web Site Moved!

To here, where you've obviously found it! Make a habit of checking this site regularly for news, assignments, access to current lecture notes and study aids, study hints (useful for exams and quizzes) and links to WebAssign.

Chapter 18 Homework

Has been assigned and is due Monday, September 10. I am at home but will repost the actual problems here when I get in (in case any early birds find this before I tell you about it in class).

Extra Credit Project

Don't Forget! Your final grade is promoted by 1/3 of a letter if you do an extra credit project! Your project selection must be approved as wimpy projects don't qualify.

Address: Robert G. Brown rgb@phy.duke.edu