Nasser Demir

I defended my dissertation entitled "Extracting Hot QCD Transport Coefficients Utiliizing Microscopic Transport Theory" in the Physics Department at Duke University in August 2010. I worked with the hot and dense QCD group, under the supervision of Professor Steffen A. Bass. I have moved to Kuwait University in the Fall of 2011.

Contact information

  • Office: Physics 184
  • Telephone: (919)660-2689
  • Email: nsd5(at)phy(dot)duke(dot)edu

    Teaching Experience

  • Fall 2004: PHY 53 General Physics I: Lab Instructor & Teaching Assistant
  • Spring 2005: PHY 61 Introductory Mechanics: Lab Instructor & Teaching Assistant
  • Fall 2005: PHY 315 Advanced Quantum Mechanics: Teaching Assistant
  • Spring 2006: PHY 176 Thermal Physics: Teaching Assistant
  • Fall 2010: PHY 54: General Physics II: Head Instructor
  • Fall 2010: PHY 62: Introduction to Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics: Recitation Instructor

    Research Description

    The physics of ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions. In particular, my work examines the behavior of transport coefficients in the deconfined and hadronic phases of a relativistic heavy ion reaction, and influence of non-equilibrium effects on such transport coefficients. Here is a primer for nonexperts.

    Curriculum Vitae

    CV in pdf format.

    Relevant Publications