A bit of personal history

I was born in Markneukirchen, a town in southwestern Saxonia just a few miles from the border to Bohemia. Markneukirchen is known for its industry of musical instrument production (visit the Musik-Instrumenten-Museum). My grandparents were owners of a small factory and trading company for musical instruments, especially brass instruments. One of my ancestors (Rudolf Schuster) was a well known painter. Another well known ancestor was the alpinist Oskar Schuster (1873-1917) from whom my middle name derives.

Image Gallery

Markneukirchen im Vogtland

My grandparents' house
Ancestral musical instrument factory
after re-privatization (1991)
An old business card
My oldest known ancestor (1828)
My great grandparents (1925)
My grandparents (1915)
My grandmother and her siblings
growing up in Alexandria, Egypt (1899)
My mother