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Our Japan Connection

Our research group has a long tradition of collaboration with Japanese scientsts, with support from the Office of International Science and Engineering of the National Science Foundation and various Japanese funding agencies. The collaborations focused on the physics of strong fields [with H. Minakata (Tokyo Metropolitan University)], probes of quark deconfinement and quark-gluon plasma dynamics (with M. Asakawa (Osaka University) and C. Nonaka (Nagoya University)]. In 2006, B. Müller spent three months as a visiting professor at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics at Kyoto University, where he gave a series of lectures on the physics of relativistic heavy-ion collisions and the quark-gluon plasma.




Entrance to
Osaka University
Physics Building
Department of Physics

Yuki's office
Hankyu Hotel
in Senri-chuo
Osaka Monorail

Osaka at night
Eating Takoyaki
Working dinner


Entrance to
Kyoto University
Yukawa Institute
of Theoretical Physics
YITP Entrance

Yukawa Hall
Yukawa Memorial
Hideki Yukawa