Postal address: Dept. of Physics, Duke University,
                              Box 90305, Durham NC 27708, USA

Office phone: (919)660-2564

Office location: Rm 283, Physics Building

Email: mkruse"at"


Research Summary

My research is in the area of High-Energy Particle Physics, where my primary focus is on the analysis of data collected by the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). With the Higgs boson now discovered by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations (in July 2012) my main interest is now directed toward discovering what model of the Universe exists beyond our Standard Model . There are many reasons to believe in a theory beyond the Standard Model. Perhaps the most easily apparent is the existence of Dark Matter, which the Standard Model has no particle candidate for. To this end my collaborators and I are developing a global search for new physics beyond the Standard Model (in the belief that we likely haven't thought of what might exist!). I am also coordinating an effort at Duke for the building of the next generation of ATLAS silicon tracking detectors for the so-called phase II ATLAS upgrade scheduled for around 2025.
In the past I have led the Higgs and top-quark physics groups at CDF, Fermilab, and am currently the US ATLAS Outreach and Education Coordinator, the US Transition Radiation Tracker Manager, and team leader for the Duke University ATLAS group. In 2012 I was inducted into the Bass Society of Fellows at Duke University for "excellence in teaching and research".