Simulations of heavy ion collisions in a pQCD-based partonic transport model

Oliver Fochler (J.W. Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt)
2:30 PM, Tuesday, Aug. 28,

In this talk fully dynamic simulations of heavy ion collisions at RHIC and at LHC energies within the perturbative QCD-based partonic transport model BAMPS (Boltzmann Approach to Multi-Parton Scatterings) will be presented. The report on the current status of this approach will focus on the simultaneous investigation of bulk properties, such as elliptic flow, viscosity and thermalization, and of hard observables, such as jet quenching for both light and heavy partons.

The model incorporates binary interactions of gluons and quarks based on leading order pQCD cross sections in small angle approximation as well as 2<->3 processes that obey detailed balance and are based on the Gunion-Bertsch approximation of the radiative matrix element. The validity of the Gunion-Bertsch approximation and its application to Boltzmann transport is discussed and compared to the exact leading order matrix element by Berends et al.