TNT Colloquium Fall 2007

Unless listed otherwise, talks are held at 4:15pm in Room 400P of the Riddick Laboratory in the North Campus of NCSU, in the faculty lounge (room 298) of the Duke Physics Department, or in room TBA at UNC. For directions and a map of the central campus at NCSU click here, for Duke click here. Information on reimbursement of speakers can be found here.

Sept. 18
[Duke, 4:15 pm]
Mark Wise
High Energy Theorists Gone Wild: Speculations on Physics at the Weak Scale
Sept. 25
[Duke, 4:15 pm]
Joerg Ruppert
Low Mass Dimuons Produced in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
Oct. 2
[UNC, 4:15 pm]
Jon Engel
Nuclear Density-Functional Theory and the UNEDF Collaboration
Oct. 16
[NC State, 4:15 pm]
Carl Carlson
Willliam and Mary
Empirical transverse charge densities in the nucleon and in the nucleon-to-Delta transition
Oct. 23
[NC State, 4:15 pm]
Thomas Cohen
Is there a fundamental bound on the ratio of viscosity to entropy density?
Oct. 30
[Duke, 4:15 pm]
George Sterman
SUNY - Stony Brook
Jets, energy flow and the 'real gluon'
Nov. 6
[UNC, 4:15 pm]
Scott Bogner
Ohio State
Building a Microscopic Nuclear Energy Density Functional
Nov. 13
[Duke, 4:15 pm]
Harvey Meyer
Heavy ion collisions and the transport coefficients of QCD
Dec. 4
[Duke, 4:15 pm]
Dam Thanh Son
U. of Washington - INT
Graphene as a laboratory for quantum field theory methods