PHY 760: Mathematical Methods of Physics

Class Schedule:
  • Time: MW, 10:05 pm - 11:20 pm

  • Location: Room D243, LSRC

  • Midterm 1: Wednesday, October 8 (in class)

  • Midterm 2: TBA (in class)

  • Final Exam Date and Time:
    Tuesday, December 9, 2:00 pm -5:00 pm

  • Website:
Grading Policy
    Problem Sets: 30%
    Midterm 1: 20%
    Midterm 2: 20%
    Final exam: 30%


  • Homework assignments will be posted on the course webpage and also announced by email. Homework will be due every Friday starting 9/4, except on the week of the midterm exam. Solutions will be posted on the course webpage shortly after homework is due.

  • No Late Problem Sets will be accepted!

  • You are encouraged to discuss the homework assignments with fellow students so that you can learn the subject from each other. However, the written part of the homework assignments must be done individually. It is a violation of the Honor Code to copy another student's homework. You may also consult other resources such as other textbooks, webpages, etc. but you cannot consult solutions manuals for the course textbook.

  • There are no make up exams. If absence from a midterm is not excused then the student will receive a zero. If an absence is excused then the final exam grade is substituted for the midterm grade when computing the final average.

  • Course webpage as well as email will be used to disseminate information on problem set corrections, class schedule, emergencies, etc.
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