ncssm Physics safety, tardy, and honesty policies



We may be doing many activities that require the use of sensitive equipment. Safety is the # 1 priority in our classrooms. To ensure a safe learning environment, all students will be instructed in science classroom safety and the student safety contract will be signed and filed at NCSSM.   When necessary, safety considerations will be included on student handouts; they also will be given orally at the start of each activity.



I,_____________________________________understand and agree to follow all of the safety rules in this contract. I understand that I must obey these rules to make sure that the other students, my teacher, and I work and learn in a safe environment. I will cooperate completely with my teacher and fellow students to maintain a safe lab environment. I will also closely follow the oral and written instructions provided by the instructor. I am aware that any violation of this safety contract that results in unsafe conduct in the laboratory or misbehavior on my part, will result in being removed from the classroom or in other appropriate measures to maintain safety.










The absence or lateness of each student will be recorded on a daily basis. Any student who is late to class three times will receive 30 minutes of work detail after school. This work detail is in addition to any sanctions incurred under the school-wide tardy policy. Work detail may include cleaning of the physics whiteboards, classrooms, lab areas and hallway, repair of physics equipment, Saturday morning work detail under the supervision of Plant Facilities staff, or other work. Failure to fulfill the work requirement satisfactorily will result in further disciplinary action including possible issuance of levels.


I have read and understand the tardy policy, and I will abide by it.







It is a violation of your academic honesty to give or receive information to or from others during a test or quiz or to use unapproved sources of information. It is also wrong to give or receive information about a test or quiz before all students, including those in other sections of the course, have taken it. On each test, you are required to sign an honesty pledge to the effect that you have upheld the Physics Academic Honesty Policy.


On problem assignments, make an earnest effort to solve problems by yourself before asking for help from physics instructors, tutors, or your classmates. Unless stated otherwise, we expect you to do all writing independently of other students. This means, for example, that you may not look at any other student's paper while writing your own.


The nature of lab work requires you to work with others in carrying out experiments. On labs for which you write joint reports, we expect each member of the lab group to participate fully in the preparation of the report and to be familiar with all aspects of it. On the cover page of such reports, each partner must write and sign a statement that he/she participated fully in the preparation of the report. On labs for which individual reports are written, we expect you to do all writing and all calculations independently of other students (including your partner). Presentation of data not collected by you personally in your lab journal or reports is a violation of academic honesty.


The consequences of cheating are described in the Student Handbook.


I have read and understand the honesty policy, and I will abide by it.