quantum questions

Quantum Theory    Miniterm 2009

1) how can light be photons and waves at the same time?

2) is light a wave or a particle?

3) what are matter waves?   is all matter waves?

4) what exactly is quantum mechanics and how do you apply it?

5) how are complex elements spectra predicted?

6) is quantum teleportation possible?

7) how will quantum computing work?

8) what is quantum entanglement?

9) how do delayed-choice experiments work?

10) how can classical physics still be true on the macroscopic level if quantum physics is true?

11) what remaining questions in quantum theory are unanswered?

12) what are the paradoxes (Schroedinger's cat, Galileo's ship) of quantum theory?  how did they come about?  how do they fit into quantum theory?

13) how can we test the parallel worlds mentioned in the "100 Years of Quantum Mysteries" article?

14) what is the Standard Model and where does it fail?  why?