Physics 313:   Advanced Topics in Nonlinear and Complex Systems
Fall Semester, 2008

Professor Henry Greenside

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Behringer stress chains in granular medium Ben Jacob bacterial colony pattern pattern formation of sparse vegetation social graph of the mathematician Paul Erdos
Slime mold aggregation Sand dunes on Mars orientation map ferret data Fitzpatrick lab Boomerang data of early universe temperature variations
Transition to non-laminar flow in Aspen stream SOHO image of Sun Bodenschatz spiral defect chaos in Rayleigh
      Benard convection Alain Karma's simulation of 3d dendritic growth

Click on a particular image to see a bigger version.

First row, left to right: Stress chains in a two-dimensional granular medium of polystyrene disks (Bob Behringer's lab); colony of starving bacteria (Eshel Ben-Jacob's group); pattern of sparse vegetation in a desert; social network graph of the mathematician Paul Erdos, who had 507 coauthors (see this site for more information).

Second row, left to right: Aggregration stage of the slime mold Dictyostelium discoideium; sand dunes on Mars (see this link for further information); orientation preference map based on optical imaging of intrinsic signals in tree shrew visual cortex (see Bosking et al, J. of Neuroscience 17(6):2112-2127 (1997), from the Fitzpatrick neurobiology lab at Duke); temperature variations of the cosmic microwave background, revealing structure in the universe when it was a 1000 times smaller and about 300,000 years old (see the web page of the Boomerang experiment ).

Third row, left to right: Transition from laminar to complex dynamics as water flows from the left in an Aspen Colorado stream (picture by H. Greenside); SOHO picture of the Sun with its granular structure and a large plasma prominence (see this link for further information); spiral defect chaos state in a shallow horizontal convecting fluid layer (Eberhard Bodenschatz's group); computer simulation by Alain Karma and collaborators of three-dimensional dendritic growth in an undercooled melt.

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