Physics 211: Quantum Mechanics I
Fall Semester, 2000

Professor Henry Greenside

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Welcome to the home page for Physics 211, which is the first half of a year-long undergraduate course on nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. Physics 211 begins with the experimental foundation of quantum mechanics and then spends the rest of the semester developing a theoretical foundation with applications (further information is available in the course syllabus). In the spring semester, Physics 212 continues to provide a foundation and then applies this foundation to different topics in physics and chemistry.

IBM STM picture
    of Fe atoms on a Cu surface
Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) image of density of electron states for a corral of Fe atoms on a Cu metal surface.

See the IBM STM Picture Gallery for related images and references, a tutorial explanation of how STM works, and the 1986 Nobel Prize awarded in part for the invention of the STM.


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    Fall 2000 Students:

    Name Major (Minor) Phone number Web page
    Paul J. Abernathy Computer Science (Physics) 613-0552
    George Allen Physics ???-????  
    Mark Baumann Computer Science and Physics (Philosophy) 613-3145
    Daniel Bierenbaum Physics 384-1931  
    Paul Bunn Physics and Computer Science 613-1483  
    Tanner Caverly Biology and Physics 613-1908  
    Caner Cooperrider Mechanical Engineering. 613-0776
    Brice Crawford Physics 613-1986  
    Jacob Foster Physics 613-0107  
    Patrick Horton Physics 613-0172
    Chris Jozwiak Physics 613-0251  
    Michael Kabran Cultural Anthropology 613-1992
    Roald Llado Physics 613-0594  
    Chris Montgomery Mechanical Engineering and Physics 309-4623
    Dave Montgomery Physics 613-2251  
    Ted Rorer Physics 613-2325
    Sam Schwarz Physics (Chemistry and Spanish) 613-2107
    Andy Schwentker Physics 613-2325  
    Matt Semrad Physics 620-3643  
    Jay Strader Physics 382-2936
    Dane Swango Economics 613-1999  
    Grady Webb-Wood Physics ???-???  

    Fall 1999 Students

    Fall 1998 Students

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