Physics/ECE 363: Introduction to Thermal Physics
Spring Semester, 2011

Professor Henry Greenside

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ultra-cold temperatures versus atom traps pressure-temperarture phase diagram of water bacterial flagellar motor

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Welcome to Physics/ECE 363, a one-semester undergraduate introduction to thermal and statistical physics. The course will discuss how to describe, classify, predict, and use the macroscopic properties of equilibrium systems that consist of many components such as molecules in a gas, atoms in a crystal, photons in an opaque object, polymers in rubber, electrons in a metal, spins in a magnet, and neutrons in a neutron star. The subject is essential for nearly all areas of science and engineering, and has found applications to many others areas such as biology, computer science, mathematics, statistics, and the social sciences. It is also one of the most relevant and useful of undergraduate physics course for those interested in biology and biophysics.

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